Custom Home Gallery

Custom Home Gallery

This Gallery of Custom Homes was designed for you to explore and dream. Everything showcased here was built and designed by Paragon Building Group (based in Raleigh, NC) as a Custom Home.

Want to experience a recently built custom home? Head to our gallery of Photo Essay Tours. Want to dream about kitchen design, bathroom design, staircases, windows or learn about Universal Design? Scroll to our Inspiration Galleries. 

When considering collaborating and designing your first home or your next home with us, remember we can build anything. And, building anything starts with a pencil and piece of paper. What would you make a reality?

Design Inspiration for Custom Homes

Want to dream about kitchen design, bathroom design, staircases, windows or learn about Universal Design? We designed these galleries to help you imagine parts of your home and to learn what is possible in building a custom home with a custom home builder. Dreaming is the first step, and one of the most rewarding and fun things one could possibly do! We might be biased, but we really love design. If you love design too, these galleries were lovingly made just for you.


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Photo Essay Tours of Custom Homes

Want to experience a recently built custom home? In this gallery of Photo Essay Tours, you can see inside recent custom home builds in Raleigh, NC, and across the Triangle. We are the area’s only Southern Living Custom Home Builder, and our Photo Essays are designed to showcase and illustrate our work  like you might find in a magazine.  

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Real Estate Pictures for Custom Homes

Real estate images paint a great picture of what a home is, since we’re all so used to looking at them. We don’t know about you, but we browse homes in our area just for fun some times. If you’re curious about what one our custom homes would look like through real estate images, these are the galleries for you!


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You’ve found home.

At Paragon Building Group, we believe Design is a conversation.

Inclusive Design. Thoughtful Design. Universal Design.

Design as conversation starts with you, and your story.

Let us listen to your dreams.

Designing a Custom Home with us always starts with listening.

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