Scandinavian Modern Farmhouse

Scandinavian Modern Farmhouse

This Scandinavian Modern Farmhouse was designed and built by Paragon Building Group as a Custom Home that began as a spec home. When considering collaborating and designing your first home or your next home with us, remember we can build anything. And, building anything starts with a pencil and piece of paper. What would you make a reality?

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Our "Photo Essay” series celebrates Paragon Building Group as a Southern Living Custom Home Builder, by exploring and experiencing our recent custom homes built in Raleigh, and across the Triangle in North Carolina, through words and pictures, in a way similar to magazine spread.

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Scandinavian Modern Farmhouse

Scandi design is largely about color and texture: muted, rich, natural palettes of hues burrowing into a textured landscape like they have always been there before. And, everything all surrounded by a natural, unique warm feeling.

This custom built home in Raleigh, NC has those warm, gentle hues and has amble examples of that refined exposed natural texture. A modern farmhouse, with reclaimed wood features, and an authentic, southern luxury Scandi design feel. 

I just love it, driving up through the trees.

Custom Home Entryway

Further, Scandinavian design is all about being cozy and surrounded by nature.

This entryway feels like an opportunity to welcome guests into a feeling, a feeling of home: here, cozy and exciting. Entering this entryway is magical. With a unique lighting features and a perfect built in bookshelf along the wall of the dining room to your left, there is a grand, welcome atmosphere. The colors and lines of the space are warm and fill everything with old world charm. 

A Warm Open Floorplan

Continuing the theme: Natural elements are brought inside. Stone and wood textures fill the open living room. Fire warms the hearth at the fire place. The mantel is an exquisite reclaimed wood. 

As a Norwegian-American, my home growing up was filled with little details that I see mirrored in this home.

The bright, welcoming kitchen has little brass details. And, again, an old-world flow to the custom, luxury cabinets.

The blue is warm, but also steel, and reminds me of the Norwegian trunk we still have in our living room filled with quilts that my great-great grandmother brought all her belongings in as she crossed the sea to America, where she became a farmer herself.

Each area of this open floorplan is cozy, and feels separate while still being connected. I love that.

Modern Farmhouses often feel this way, filled with connection. Touching the marble, I imagine baking here on the expansive counter top as a family, playing and talking over biscuits.

The materials are all natural, and flow into each other: the grain of wood, the ornate unique tile, the soft colored cabinets. Everything. 

Custom Lighting, Custom Cabinets

You could choose to follow light throughout this home, and look at fixture after fixture and be fixated on each one’s unique beauty, how they all harmonize. The light catching in the accents, the pull handles the glass of windows and cabinets. 

Each light fixture here is a work of art. Each piece selected for each location, all lighting the space with color and warmth. 

Primary Bedroom, Ensuite Bathroom

The hard wood floor of the bedroom is flush and exquisite. 

A beautiful rain shower, perfectly symmetrical to its space and itself, sits in the middle of a gray marble room. Clean clear glass like crystals encases the shower near a modern lined tub. The shower is easily accessible, zero entry, comfortable to glide into on a luxurious moment of self care. 

The bathroom flows effortlessly into an expansive walk-in room of a closet. 

I linger a moment, looking at the lines in the marble tile, the trees reflecting in the glass, the seamless transitions connecting room to room.

This is most exquisite walk in closet space I can imagine. It is filled with light and windows and built in storage. And, is so delightful that walk-in-closet doesn’t come close to being enough for describing the room.

It is a private oasis. 

I sit on the narrow window sill, in the walk in, and watch the horses across the way come near the fence and look back at me. The warmth of the sun is on my feet.

This room is so airy and peaceful. It would be the perfect way to open a day. So organized, tidy, ready for life and living. I consider where I would put my shoes, where I would hang what. Would I organize by color?

The options here are endless, and wide open. 

The View from Upstairs

Shiplap and Window-Seats

Once I’m done watching the horses from downstairs, I head back through the house and up stairs to my favorite part of this home: the full built in  window seat.

I have written here; I have even edited a few of these images here. It is a perfect spot to read, to do homework, to simply sit and think.

The view is more filled with sky and trees here, and the afternoon sun lights the room up. I imagine laughter in this room, and music. It is quiet here, the kind of quiet that invites conversation, connections, exploring. 

This spot is so cozy. Everything about this home is cozy.

Even though everything also feels expansive and large, this luxury estate feels like home as you walk through it. Each corner, each moment, is a warm space filled with light and comfort. There is a grandness as I stand here, upstairs in this room. The wooden floors, the built-in window seat, the flow into the bathroom, side room, stairs, all feel like a space waiting for stories, for a family to fill the silence with their voices. Even without furniture or wall decor, there is nothing impersonal about this home design, it is all welcoming. 

Custom Pantry and Custom Built-in Shelves

I go back downstairs.

It may sound surprising at first, but storage space often feels the most luxury element of any custom home to me. Though it can be added with any budget, it is the feeling of the space, the thoughtfulness, the planing for living, that feels so luxury. I love to feel thought of in a space, taken care of in a space.

There is an inescapable sense that the future is held here. Future meals, future holidays with families, baking cookies, sharing home cooked moments. All organized, all with a place of honor. I love that; it feels so right, a canvas for your family’s story. 

Porch and Exterior

 I slip outside through the door off the kitchen. I want to stand in the warm air a moment, and hear the birds.

This back porch, really an extension of the open plan living space, is southern facing, and has just best light ever in the evening.

The trees all light up golden with the side light from the setting sun, and more often than not, a song bird sits on the railing. In this moment, the bird on the railing is singing. 

The fireplaces, inside and outside, both are surrounded by windows tie you into the warmth and coziness The inside and outside living spaces blend here so perfectly.  All this private natural landscape before you feels right, even though you are in a neighborhood.

The floors are a rich wood, inside and out, the warmth of the planks radiating up as you walk from room to room and up the stairs. And the view: a wonderful bank of trees filters sunsets.

The sun has begun to set, so I walk through the house to the front porch. Standing, watching the sunset into the trees here is so nice.

I imagine myself holding a warm porcelain mug of cocoa in winter. It is Saturday. I can hear a family nearby, perhaps playing with a dog in the front yard. My feet are warm in fluffy cream socks.

The Scandi ideal of hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah), is embodied so deeply for me in this home. Hygge is the feeling of coziness that comes in winter, and is a design aesthetic filled with texture and warmth.

Both hygge and this home can be described simply as: comfiness to the point of contentment.

Author & Artist: Cari 

In addition to being the Design & Marketing Manager at Paragon Building Group, Cari is a writer and artist working in her studio in Cary, NC. At her studio, Cari mentors kids and teens in creative writing, cartooning, and graphic design.

With a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from North Carolina State University, her paintings have hung in art galleries across the country, including New York, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Charlotte, Wilmington, Southern Pines and Raleigh, and in private collections. Her poetry and memoir writing has been published in a variety of local and national literary magazines and journals.

Most recently, her poem “our wings” was included in the 2020 anthology The Power of Goodness from UNC Press, edited by Timothy Crowley and NC Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green. 

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