Attic Remodeling

Are you hoping to convert your unfinished attic into a new man cave? Or into a playroom for your kids? Paragon Building Group’s attic renovations can help make your dream a reality.

From our consultation and design services to our installation of solar attic fans and drywall, our North Carolina home renovation specialists can help you add to the usable square footage of your home — and increase your family’s enjoyment of the space — with our wide array of attic renovation and conversion options. Contact us today to learn more about our attic finishing services and to arrange a free initial consultation.

What to Look for Before Starting an Attic Remodel or Renovation

Before your attic can be finished, there are certain tests our Raleigh area home renovation experts must conduct to ensure its structural adequacy and comfort…

  1. Construction: We will need to inspect your attic to make sure it is structurally sound to undergo the type of renovations you have in mind. If you have A-shaped rafters (with open space underneath the rafters), your attic is most likely a good candidate for a remodel. If you see a network of W-shaped trusses, it might be more cost-effective for you to increase your home’s usable square footage with our home addition services.
  2. Headroom: Most building codes require living areas be at least 7 ½ feet high in over 50 percent of the space. We’ll measure the headroom in your unfinished attic to determine whether it meets this standard.
  3. Light & Access: Do you have windows in your attic? If not, you may want to have us install windows or skylights if you plan to use the space as a bedroom, as many building codes require such openings for fire safety purposes.
  4. Dormers: These small additions can raise the roof over a portion of your attic and boost the usable space in that area.
  5. Temperature: What’s the temperature like in your attic? Do you have an attic ventilation system? We can examine your attic to determine what needs to be done for you to control the heating and air-conditioning in that space.
  6. Plumbing: If your attic plans include a bathroom, we’ll need to examine the area to determine the best location for the facility. In most cases, we recommend its placement above an existing bathroom on the floor below to reduce costs associated with its installation.
  7. Floor Framing: If you have 2x4s, we’ll need to reinforce them with our floor framing services so that they will be able to support the heavier loads.
  8. Chimneys: Vent stacks and brick chimneys can be concealed behind attic walls and cabinets. It might be also possible to remove the chimney as modern furnaces don’t need to vent through them.

Get the Finished Attic of Your Dreams with Paragon’s Attic Renovations & Remodeling!

Man cave. Playroom. Home theater. Study. Whatever your intentions are for your finished attic, Paragon Building Group can help you set the stage with our North Carolina attic renovation and conversion services.

In addition to attics, we can assist you with:

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