Paragon’s 3P Process: Personalized Professional Performance

Give us a Call

This simple step puts you in good hands right away. A Paragon estimator will discuss your project with you and get acquainted on the phone, eager to hear about your “wish list,” expectations, budget, and desired time frame. We will answer any questions you may have about our company before mutually agreeing to take the next step…

Complimentary Consultation

Our estimator will set up a time to meet with you at your convenience to further discuss your desired outcome, and to review the existing conditions of your property as needed. We may take some photos and rough measurements, and may discuss a few “reality check” or “ball park” estimates for doing the construction. The goal of this initial meeting is to gather enough information to prepare for…

Preliminary Specifications

Realistic budget guidelines will be presented to you in a written format via mail, e-mail, or in person. Once you approve this information, we will enter in to a construction agreement and move forward with preliminary design. If your project is relatively undefined or if there are too many unknowns or options to address, we may need to enter into the…

Feasibility Design Phase

With this step, Paragon’s architect is authorized to perform basic discovery and planning in order to identify your options. These options are then critiqued for budgetary implications. We typically will know fairly quickly which option best fits your needs and your budget. The feasibility design phase minimizes your financial exposure in the event that you decide not move forward with your project. If you do move forward, these dollars and efforts are rolled into…

Preliminary Design

Design continues once you are comfortable with the established budget and scope of work. Discovery of existing conditions, property setbacks, easements, and any structural concerns then take place. For remodeling projects, Paragon will create drawings showing your current spaces and indicating how your new and remodeled areas will work together. If the exterior of your home is impacted, elevation drawings will be produced. We want you to see how your project will look and function for you. Our estimators will provide value engineering for the design as it evolves. We want to give you the best value we can for the dollars you have to spend. This allows us to continue with…

Working Drawings

All the necessary structural notes and details are used to produce working drawings. Paragon’s architect will submit these drawings to secure the necessary regulatory permits. While the working drawings are being prepared, we will be addressing…

Pre-construction Details

You will be introduced to Paragon’s production coordinator and project foreman. Scheduling and security issues will be addressed. Our production team will assist you with the selection of building materials and finishes, taking advantage of our network of showrooms and suppliers. We want you to see and feel the products that are available so you can make the best choices for you and your budget. Long lead items are ordered so they will be available when needed. It will now bet time for…


Paragon’s production team will be focused on making the construction process as “painless” to you as possible. For remodeling projects, we will protect your existing finishes and isolate the construction area from the rest of your house. Our project foreman will be on the job daily, from start to finish, and will coordinate with our team of subcontractors and suppliers to keep your project progressing smoothly. You will be kept apprised of project costs with regular budget updates. Our goal is to get you into your new space as quickly as possible. As construction comes to an end…

Project Close Out

We will walk through the completed new construction or remodeling project together to make sure all details meet your satisfaction. All permits are signed and we will turn the completed project over to you. From here…


Paragon’s warranty begins. Our one-year unconditional warranty guarantees your continued satisfaction. We typically service our projects beyond this time frame and also assist in dealing with the extended limited warranties provided by material suppliers and subcontractors. You will continue to…

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